Golden Lakenvelders . . .

In my opinion, Golden Lakenvelders are one of the most beautiful in appearance of any of the rare breeds of chickens. Originally, Lakenvelders were only bred as a white bird with black markings, but, a few years ago, the gold color was introduced making the bird even more striking.

I have read that the word “Lakenvelder” when translated from the Dutch means “a shadow on a sheet” a particularly descriptive name. Lakenvelders were bred extensively in Germany and Holland as long ago as the early 1800's, but were not recognized in the United States until the 1930s.

Lakenvelders are quite small when mature, only three to four pounds, very quick and active, and forage widely, if allowed to run. Hens are very good layers, laying a medium size white egg but are non-setters.








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