About the Owner . . .
Ted T. Golka

Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Double T Farm. Double T Farm was established in 1989.  Currently, the farm maintains an ever growing wild waterfowl collection, peafowl, Lakenvelder chickens, pearl-gray guineas, Indian Fantail pigeons, purebred mouflon sheep, a pair of emus, one white mule, which, my wife has people believing it is a unicorn, but he does avidly protect the sheep herd from all invaders; and, a few ornery farm cats that seem to take pleasure in stalking me while I’m doing chores. The experience and education I accumulated over my life

time began with my love of animals at a very early age.  I began raising pigeons when I was 12 and started my own game farm in 1983, in Bennington, NE. In 1989, I moved my farm to its current location in Glenwood, IA, which is just southeast of Omaha, Nebraska and named it Double “T” Farm.  In my career, I worked over 30 years in the field of veterinary medicine, in both commercial and academic settings, which provides me with the background to understand the needs of the animals. Adding to this, I have over 35 years as an active aviculturist, which enables me to provide the appropriate care for these animals. I am a current member of both the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society (APWS) and the Heart of America

Game Breeders Association (HOAGBA). I have been an active member of the Indian Fantail Club of America (IFCA) since 1979 and was the club president for 12 years.I am a member of the Iowa State Pigeon Association and the National Pigeon Association (NPA). Also, I am recognized with the IFCA and the NPA as a Master Indian Fantail Judge.
Double T Farm - Rock On a more personal note, along with the farm, I am also a home-improvement contractor and according to my wife, the official “garbage taker-outer”.  I am married to a lovely woman, Janice, who was raised as a city girl, in Omaha, Nebraska and found the farm to be somewhat of a culture-shock, but over the years, she has acclimated very nicely to farm life and now believes she would never be able to live “in-town” ever again.
Again, thank you for browsing our website. I hope you like what you see. I am always open to ideas and suggestions, so please contact me via the Contact Us page with any questions you have about the stock or if you have any questions in general.






















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